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Wildlife District 1 Storage

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Columbus, Ohio

This project involved replacing six buildings, each with different functions, with a 1-story facility to serve the purpose of the former buildings.  On-site parking for staff and visitors could accommodate 93-cars.  There is additional on-site storage capacity for 74-vehicles until such time as they are disposed during auctions.


Primary functions of the facility include (1) central storage with vehicular accessibility for shipping and receiving; (2) fish management space that is accessible by vehicles; and conducive for simultaneous repair of 3-4 boats; (3) a carpentry shop, sized for wood working, finishing; and storage of lumber and lawn equipment; (4) a shipping room that is accessible to central storage, the dock and an office; (5) a secure enclosure for evidence storage; (6) a records storage space and a valuable document storage area.









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