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Founded in 1990, HKI recognizes the ever-changing nature of technology, and it's influence on design.  The firm adheres to a participatory design process, which typically entails simple and effective ways of owner involvement for crucial decision-making.  This collaborative approach has led to innovative, cost-centered solutions.


The professional attention of the "registered" professionals means that there is no "pass-off" to junior level staff.  The expert attention devoted to carrying out day-to-day design tasks usually mean better proficiency in our work, and a more effective collaboration with the client's staff.


HKI's computerized construction cost estimating system utilizes a similar data base as that used by many contractors, thereby yielding realistic projections of building costs.  The firm's "on-line" capabilities allow for the exchange of documents electronically, thereby contributing to a more expeditious project and saving the client valuable time.  During construction, a seasoned team directs all activity and looks out for the client’s interest while work is underway.   Additionally, we act as the Owner’s liaison after construction relative to warranty concerns.





Easton Childcare Center

2007 Merit Award for Industrial / Commercial Design


Easton Childcare Center

2007 Excellence in Concrete Masonry Design Award


North Bank Pavilion

James B. Recchie Design Award


Weinland Park Elementary School

2000 Excellence in Concrete Masonry Design Award










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